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Portofino, a World apart
    May 2023

    Portofino Luxury

    Valentino celebrates his birthday in Portofino

    Valentino celebrates his 80th birthday in Portofino

    Luxury Living in Portofino

    Nestled in the crescent-shaped harbor of the Italian Riviera, Portofino is more than just a picturesque fishing village. It’s a haven of opulence, a playground for the world’s elite, and a symbol of unadulterated luxury. The colorful, Mediterranean-style buildings lining the waterfront, the tranquil turquoise sea, and the lush, verdant hillsides offer an enchanting setting that draws in celebrities, artists, and the affluent from around the globe.

    March 2023

    The Italian Riviera. A Guide to the Best Spots

    Evegia in Portofino

    Evgenia in Portofino

    Portofino: A Jewel by the Sea

    Welcome to the Italian Riviera, a sun-kissed haven of sparkling azure waters, lush landscapes, and enchanting towns that beckon travelers to explore its many treasures. This Mediterranean gem, nestled between the Ligurian Sea and the Maritime Alps, offers a stunning array of experiences that will captivate your senses and leave you longing for more. Portofino, a picturesque fishing village-turned-luxury resort, is a must-visit destination on the Italian Riviera. With its vibrant harbor, pastel-colored houses, and lush gardens, Portofino embodies the essence of the Riviera’s charm. Stroll through its narrow streets, dine at exquisite seafood restaurants, and admire the breathtaking view from the iconic Castello Brown.

    November 2015

    Lighthouse, Molo Umberto and Oratory

    Lighthouse of Portofino. Italy.

    Portofino’s Lighthouse

    The lighthouse is place at the base of Mount Portofinoand it is at the start of the bay. It may be reached by ground from a nice walk around the green which starts from the right side of the piazzetta, until St. George’s Church and from then onto the lighthouse. We advise wearing comfortable shoes and lots of drinks.

    The lighthousewith its white tower, with an adjacent two stories high building, it is of the 3 second interval, red light type and of 7 meters range. Even today, it is a precise focus for boats, as it is the farthest place on the natural port which is very well protected from winds and billows.

    June 2010

    The Christ of the Abyss

    The Christ of the Abyss in San Fruttuoso

    The Christ of the Abyss in San Fruttuoso stands 17 meters underwater

    In the serene bay of San Fruttuoso, nestled between Camogli and Portofino Italy, lies a submerged treasure – the statue ofChrist of the Abyss. Born from the vision of Duilio Marcante, to commemorate the tragic death of Dario Gonzatti in a 1950 scuba dive, this submerged beacon was inaugurated on 22nd August 1954. Sculpted by the renowned Guido Galletti, the 2.5-meter tall statue stands 17 meters underwater. Interestingly, a blend of molten bronze from medals, naval artifacts, and even submarine propellers donated by the U.S. Navy, brought this majestic piece to life. With hands reaching towards the sky, it signifies a message of peace.

    June 2010

    St. George and St.Martin Churches


    The peculiar veneration towards St. George – patron of Portofino –  is proven by the attention given to His sanctuary, parts of which had been destroyed in the 1944 bombings, from the many ex-priests. The rise to St. George can be taken from the Piazzetta on the right. A few minute’s romantic walk. Ample view with available field glasses. We suggest wearing a small sweater from the afternoon on. It is advised to bring liquids and suitable shoes

    June 2010

    Castle Brown, the Fortress of Portofino

    Il Castello Brown a Portofino durante un tramonto

    The Castle Brown in Portofino during the sunset

    The Castle Brown is surrounded by a Mediterranean garden rich in flowers, rose gardens, and arbors. The landscape is consistently enchanting facing the gulf until the Baffe tip. The room on the first floor is covered by domes of Lombard type in the center of which there is a big triptych and, on the right side, a Majolica stove. During the afternoon a small sweater or top is usually advisable when in Portofino.

    May 2009

    Santa Margherita Ligure

    Port of Santa Margherita Ligure

    Santa Margherita Ligure, is one of the most picturesque little towns of the Eastern Riviera. In summer it is a fashionable bathing resort.  The beach is mainlyof pebble but there are modern bathing establishments especially after the tourist port trough Portofino. During the colder part of the year it attracts a large number of visitors, as it is a quiet, restful, sunny place. It receives a larger amount of sunshine than its near neighbour, Rapallo, but is not quite so well sheltered. The population numbers about 9,000. In winter, tennis and boating are the chief outdoor recreations, apart from the excursions which can be made on foot or by car in the beautiful country behind the town, and in a steamer along the coast to Rapallo, Portofino, Camogli and San Fruttuoso. Indoor amusement is catered for by a theatre, cinemas, and numerous ballrooms.

    May 2008

    The Monastery of Cervara

    Portofino Cervara Monastery

    The Monastery of Cervara found halfway between Santa Margherita and Portofino, is an important complex that in the middle ages received many illustrious guests who were traveling along the Dolphins coast. The name of the monastery derives from the Cervara family who were the proprietors of a good deal of land in the area.