What to See

Portofino, a World apart
November 2015

Lighthouse, Molo Umberto and Oratory

Lighthouse of Portofino. Italy.

Portofino’s Lighthouse

The lighthouse is place at the base of Mount Portofinoand it is at the start of the bay. It may be reached by ground from a nice walk around the green which starts from the right side of the piazzetta, until St. George’s Church and from then onto the lighthouse. We advise wearing comfortable shoes and lots of drinks.

The lighthousewith its white tower, with an adjacent two stories high building, it is of the 3 second interval, red light type and of 7 meters range. Even today, it is a precise focus for boats, as it is the farthest place on the natural port which is very well protected from winds and billows.

Umberto I° Pier
It houses the docks where luxurious yachtes that have made the history of Portofino stand. In future times, at the end of the pier Umberto, one will be able to use a lift to get from there to Castle Brown. At the end, one may find local fishermen fixing their nets.

Once you getto the piazzetta, bring yourself to the rightmost part. The first pier is reserved to the tour boats. Further on you will be able to catch fantastic motor and sailboats from the various boat races that take place in Portofino. You’ll also find the office of the local Yacht Club.

In this part of Portofino, you can find the taxi boat also.

Assunta Oratory
The Oratory dates back to 1300, built near the now missing hospital, it was the office of the fraternal order. Once embellished with small towers and gothic ledges, it shows a nice slate gate on the inside of which there are two Christ statues for processions, used for celebrating St. George’s day.

Every sunday, you can follow the English Mass only in August from 7.00/7.30 pm.

Address Hidden under the long and anonymous capes and the pointing hoods, the friars humbly cured the ill and helped the ones in need. They were sailors, craftsmen, farmers, peasants or rich united by the same responsibility of the humblest duties, the respect of one’s neighbours and the desire of expiation.

Portofino, a world apart.