The Villas of Portofino

Portofino, a World apart
October 2023

San Giorgio Castle in Portofino

Il Castello di San Giorgio a Portofino

San Giorgio Castle: Portofino’s Gem

In the soul-stirring landscape of Portofino, the San Giorgio Castle, formerly known as Mumm, proudly stands as a testament to luxury and elegance. Back in the ‘50s, the esteemed Genoese shipowner Ernesto Fassio acquired this majestic piece of architecture, dedicating it to the esteemed San Giorgio Company.

Nestled in an enviable panoramic position, this jewel overlooks the pristine harbor of Portofino and the azure sea beyond. Built in the XII century, the castle has danced through the ages, each transformation and expansion weaving more threads of grandeur into its essence, especially prominent in the XIV and XVII centuries.

Fassio wasn’t just content with ownership; he infused this ancient abode with cutting-edge innovations, ensuring it boasted top-tier services. A spacious park adorned with the lush embrace of Mediterranean flora surrounds this iconic edifice, hosting a winter garden and sea-view terrace that offers a scenic stroll like no other. There is an elevator that stops at every floor, even up to the water’s edge where there is a private bathing area.

An architectural marvel, the castle possesses a square layout with a central body flanked by two commanding corner towers, housing public and private spaces. A miraculous blend of history and innovation, the castle has preserved its aesthetic integrity while embracing modern comforts.

The legendary artistry of Andrea Mantegna graces the walls of this iconic abode, commissioned during Francesco I Gonzaga’s tenure, adding an immeasurable historical and artistic richness.

L'ingresso del Castello San Giorgio a Portofino

The Entrance to San Giorgio Castle in Portofino

Commander Fassio, a sea lover at heart, not only possessed an exquisite collection of motorboats and fishing vessels but also harbored a profound adoration for Portofino. His affection manifested in the opulent “Circolo dei marinai e pescatori,” a sanctuary of luxury and unity for the Portofino community.

Currently presided over by the esteemed Dr. Garrè of Genoa, the San Giorgio Company holds the reins to this architectural masterpiece, now transformed into luxurious apartments that host illustrious figures like Giorgio and Rosanna Armani and Luciano Graia, among others. Its external allure remains untouched, a beacon of eternal grace.

In a significant turn of events, as of 2023, the tech magnate Bill Gates, through the hotel company Four Seasons, has been reported to have acquired this iconic castle. However, it is important to note that Bill Gates has denied the acquisition. San Giorgio Castle, with its seamless blend of history, luxury, and natural beauty, isn’t just a residence; it’s a world apart, where the charms of Portofino come alive in the grandeur of architectural mastery.

Portofino, a world apart.