Portofino is an amazing hamlet based in the Italian Riviera, considered «One of the eight wonders of the world» with its natural bowl which has become the world’s famous «Piazzetta».

Portofino became famous in the 60s, when the rich and famous characters of the «Dolce Vita», actors, actresses, pop stars, and rich aristocrats frequently started visiting it for its twilights, exclusive parties, and breathtaking views. At those times, newspapers began to be filled with these stories of mundane events and love stories about the fascinating «Dolce Vita», of which Portofino became a worldwide symbol. A today is a place known for international tourism and the jet-set lifestyle.

Many International fashion houses have chosen Portofino as their home, included among them are Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Emilio Pucci, and many more.

This hamlet is perfect to love, dream and relax. Today one goes to this little gem in the Italian Riviera to feel good, because it is a fantastic place, full of magic, where to meditate and make peace with oneself. When to visit Portofino? Our suggestion is to visit this little gem from Easter until the end of October. If the weather allows it, you can take a small Ferryboat from the Molo Umberto I (the one on the right) to San Fruttoso or to Camogli, two beautiful villages right on the opposite side of the promontory.

In San Fruttuoso you can either have lunch or dinner. Before Camogli, you can stay at Punta Chiappa, where you will find rocks for sunbaths. There, you can eat at «Trattoria da Spadin», a cozy place on the sea. Then, take the time to visit Camogli, a very fishermen’s village mood. In the Portofino App, you can find many Restaurants serving fish, give a try for example, «Da U Batti» in Vico Nuovo 17 (just behind the Piazzetta) where you must try their secret-recipe-cooked Scampi – very amazing – or on the left pier, you can find the restaurant «U Magazin», where you can eat fish with candlelight at one meter from the sea! Very romantic.

Between April (Eastern) to the end of October, you can come on any day. Usually, you can be in the middle of the crowd between Thursday and Sunday. The «Piazzetta» is always full of people, and you can feel as if you were in your living room. During wintertime, come only if there is good weather. If you are looking at where to stay in Portofino our thumbs up to Splendido Hotel.

During the months between November and March, a lot of shops and accommodation are closed. However, if there is the chance of good weather or during Christmas, a visit to Portofino is well worth all the time. Emotions are always magic!

In the main street «Via Roma» you’ll be able to find a small shop of cute local ceramic pieces. At the end of the day, we also suggest an “Aperitivo” at «Winterose» at the end of the Calata Marconi (the left one). It is a type of boutique of good wine with a good selection. You’ll be able to enjoy a glass of wine a meter away from the sea.

For anything else, if you’re thinking of staying a night or more and If you want to swim in the sea, stay at «Splendido», a romantic 5-star retreat at 5 minutes walking distance from the hamlet. It has a splendid panoramic pool with seawater. You can choose to stay in the «Piazzetta» on the second unit of the same property.

If you are looking for a very fascinating place, go to the Lighthouse. It takes about 20 minutes walking which starts from the «Piazzetta» on the right. There are plants, fields, and you will feel calm. Take water with you and wear comfortable shoes for this walk. We also suggest you visit «Castle Brown» on the same road, there is a fantastic view where you’ll be able to take pictures or film the surroundings.

EVEN A BOAT TRIP IS A ROMANTIC IDEA TO PASS THE TIME IN PORTOFINO. WE SUGGEST VISITING SAN FRUTTUOSO, WITH ITS «CHRIST OF THE ABYSS» AND THE ABBEY. Then, THE ROMANTIC «CAMOGLI» or the bay of PARAGGI WHICH HAS CRYSTAL-CLEAR WATER where you can relax during the day on the beach with amazing sunsets. You can walk also until SANTA MARGHERITA LIGURE where you can enjoy an aperitif in the middle of the crowd, have dinner, and spend a crazy night at the trendy club Covo di Nord-Est. The TAXI BOATS are available on the right side of the PIAZZETTA. Please ask a quote before boarding. If you go ahead on the same pier, you can find a public boat service from/to Portofino with a run – during the day – every 30/45 minutes. (cheaper).

There are no nightclubs or discos in the hamlet. The closest one is the «Carillon» in Paraggi at 20 minutes walking distance or «Covo di Nord-Est» at 40 minutes by walk. Go to the second one from July to August only on Friday and Saturday nights, whereas for the remaining periods, only on Saturday. In any case, during the weekend in summer, you can hear live piano music from the «Chuflay» or from live performers directly in the «Piazzetta».
Sometimes, you can find music at the «Strainer» Restaurant at the end of the right pier.
If you make clubbing one of your habits, you have no choice, go to the «Covo di Nord-Est» and only on Saturday during the months of July and August. The people there are quite young, between 16 and 40 years of age. It’s better to choose the floor on top. The dress code is fashionable, not too elegant. They play mainstream, house, and 70s. For women wearing high heels and who don’t want to walk from the hamlet, it’s better to take a private cab.

If you are a discos fun, you’ll be able to have all the fun you can get, by using a car plus driver service for trendy and freedom-full nights in Versilia at the «Twiga», at the «Billionaire» in Monaco or at «Le Vip Room» and «Les Caves du Roy» in Saint Tropez with a round trip service with no driving stress or alcohol limits. On the other hand, if you are looking to relax, you can’t forget to visit the Park. Take an excursion for a slight adrenaline rush in the middle of a paradise with super views.

In conclusion, in Portofino you can wake up late in the morning, have breakfast in the «Piazzetta», take a boat trip or swim in the Paraggi beach, enjoy an Aperitivo from 6 pm until 9 pm, and have dinner around 9.30 pm. During weekends and in the summer season, women usually go to dinner dressed quite elegantly. You’ll have the chance of buying a nice dress in many of the famous boutiques in the fishing village.

Warning for ladies:The famous Piazzetta of Portofino is made up of hand made sandstone. So be careful when wearing high heels. Try walking in the appropriate corridors at the center. We always suggest wearing a tiny sweater on the shoulders from 6 pm onwards. In town, you will find a pharmacy, banks, and ATM, some small food shops, a bakery, newspapers, and places where to get cigarettes.

Free WiFi: During the high season, when the restaurant Delfino is open (in Piazzetta on the right side), you can find a free wifi connection there. The signal is reachable in around 30/50 meters. For everything you need, download our APP for iPhone or Android or Huawei to browse Portofino like a charm. You can use it on the iPad too. Need more? Sure, read the local guide to know which things to do and don’t forget, after all, «Portofino is Love
I Delfini di Portofino. 🐬