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Portofino, a World apart
February 2009

The Grand Hotel Splendido Portofino

Liz Taylor walks in Portofino with Eddy Fisher (1959)

Liz Taylor walks in Portofino with Eddy Fisher (1959)

On the hill dominating the bay of Portofino with a view of the point, the suburb, and the entire gulf of Tigullio, one finds the Hotel Splendido. The name was suggested by D’Annunzio and seems perfectly fitting.

The construction was originally a villa by the barons Baratta. It was a Portofinian by the name of Valentino who in 1905 transformed it into a hotel of great prestige. From the time of its opening until the second world war it also had a succession of illustrious guests. After the war, it enjoyed a rejuvenation due to the presence of major American Hollywood actors as the famous Liz Taylor and her husband Eddie Fisher (1959) and became a “little Beverly Hills“.

In the old registers of the hotel, we find numerous names of international importance. We find also on the walls of the parlor a series of photographs of many of them and in which we can read nearly fifty years of history by way of actors from both the cinema and theater, important directors, men of letters and politics.

From the terrace of the Splendido and from the foot road whose sides are adorned with a wonderful botanic garden, one can enjoy an exceptional panoramic view.

I Delfini di Portofino.