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Portofino, a World apart
March 2016

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We are glad to announce that – a leading global hosting infrastructure provider – has joined Portofino as a Technical Supplier providing an amazing dedicated server to share and compute Portofino’s data and App around the world. “We’re pleased to support Portofino in helping it spread the word digitally around the world. We’re proud to be part of the family” said Adnan Patka, Sales Manager. – which offers bare metal servers, a content delivery network and virtual servers – will host Portofino’s website and app in a state-of-the-art data center in London. “We really want to thank all the guys at for the amazing support and the initial setup of our server. With this exciting new partnership, we will be able to spread our content to our incredible guests around the world. Our app and website has become so fast and very responsive!” said Remo Cremona, CEO of Portofino.

Portofino, a World apart.

100tb Supplier


Portofino flies thanks to with a Dedicated Server with these caracteristics:

Cpu E3-1231
Speed 3.2 GHz
Cores (Threads) 4 (8)
Connectivity 1Gbps

Why we choose

Portofino is Protected
Our data centre has optical, ionisation and heat detection sensors, coupled with VESDA fire protection; it’s like a home fire alarm on steroids. Plus, it’s managed 24/7 365 days a year. Think of it as babysitting for your precious hardware.

Portofino is Secure
CCTV cameras monitor every nook and cranny of the datacentre and there are PIR motion detectors to pick up any unusual activity. The centre also has secure entry with event logging and a perimeter alarm with beam detectors. Cue Mission Impossible soundtrack.

Portofino is Defended
AKA redundancy. This means that if any one thing fails in our datacentre, we’ve got the infrastructure to keep things running. Our kit includes N+1 generators, 15 105kW DX CRAC units, and outdoor cooling. What’s more, we have extra fuel reserves, so our generators can keep running even if the power goes out for days.

Portofino is Fast
Our network is made up of 100% premium Cisco hardware. There’s 200Gb of connectivity with multiple fibre endpoints and transit providers. All servers are connected to 1Gbps dedicated ports on redundant switches. To cut a long story short – we’re race car-fast.

Who is is the ultimate in high-performance infrastructure on a global scale. Solutions tailored to your requirements with flexible billing for unbeatable agility. «Our Bare Metal Dedicated Server range provides you with the ultimate in flexibility, control and performance. Built on our powerful Cisco networks and delivered with enterprise SuperMicro hardware, 100TB’s Bare Metal Servers give you full control of your environment and true isolation from other users.»

Part of the Staff

Tom Hancock
Tom Hancock
Managing Director
Every day our team strives to enable our customers. We are continually improving our network, platform and service to make it better than the day before.
Michael Fuller
Michael Fuller
System Engineer
Keeping our clients online is our priority. Each client presents a unique challenge to our team; powering their innovation and expansion creates our own learning curve.
Shay Hatch
Shay Hatch
Tech Support
Quality support is at the heart of 100TB. When you need our assistance, we deliver. Our team of experts provide the ultimate in support with a human touch.
Shaunna England
Shaunna England
Tech Support
Knowing what keeps our clients online is the foundation of our support system, and what we do best.

Where are the Data Centers?

portofino-100tb-data-centers operate fully-owned world-class data centers in
Los Angeles
New York City
Salt Lake City


+44 (0)800 033 4033