The Villas of Portofino

Portofino, a World apart
September 2023

Klaus’s Villa in Portofino


Villa Klaus in Portofino

Meet Mr. Klaus – the owner of Villa Klaus in Portofino – a vibrant German gentleman who found his second home in the heart of Italy. His journey began when he moved to Genova at a young age, immersing himself so deeply in the culture that his fluency in Genoese dialect could easily mask his German roots. His jovial character and passion for the sea connected us; I remember him entrusting us with his 5-meter boat, “Puk.”

Over the years, as Klaus’s family grew, so did his love for the quaint village of Portofino. Such was his admiration for the town that he invested in properties from Count Carnarvon Herbert. Among his acquisitions was a humble country building, which he transformed into the splendid Villa Klaus. This villa, adorned with modern comforts like elevators and pools, became an embodiment of luxury, keeping its roots firm in Ligurian tradition. Known for his commitment to the environment, he invested heavily in landscaping, even bringing top architects from Florence to shape his vision.

Embodying Ligurian perseverance, Klaus expanded his collection to five rustic properties, all renovated with the utmost respect for the environment. His love for the waters was evident with his elegant wooden sail and motorboat, which was quite the luxury of the time.

Tragically, Portofino lost this influential figure in a road accident. Yet, his legacy lived on. Klaus’s daughters, Monique and Barbara, continue to cherish and preserve their father’s creation. Word has it that they still manage the family’s international coal business, evidence of their thriving inheritance. A nod to Giovanni Carbone for sharing this legacy.

Portofino, a world apart.