Portofino, a World apart
April 2019

Hotels in Portofino

Natasha at the lounge of the Splendido Hotel Portofino

Natasha at the Splendido Portofino

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Where to stay in Portofino

We wrote this page to help you to choose the perfect Hotel in Portofino! At the end of the page, we suggest also the Cinque Terre. Alright, let us introduce you to this village: Portofino is an amazing village based in the Italian Riviera, considered «one of the eight wonders of the world» with its natural bowl which has become the world’s famous «piazzetta». Portofino became famous in the 60s when the rich and famous characters of the Dolce Vita, actors, actresses, pop stars, and rich aristocrats frequently started visiting it for its twilights, exclusive parties, and breathtaking views.

At those times, newspapers began to be filled with these stories of mundane events and love stories about the fascinating Dolce Vita, of which Portofino became a worldwide symbol. Today is a place known for international tourism and the jet-set lifestyle. Let’s go to see now, the best hotels in Portofino Italy for 2020.

They are practically three. The Splendido property offers two accommodation options, the main one overlooking the bay and the Splendido mare right on the village Piazzetta. The main one is an old monastery secluded in a rare plant area. The second one is wonderful for couples. The third one, the Piccolo, it’s an old-style villa who looks the Cannone Bay with a private beach. You can reach the village in about 5 minutes walking.

What our guests love

Most beautiful town I have been to” Miguel Calvete – “Absolutely charming in May, with not so many people and great service at all restaurants. Small place with luxurious shops.” Irem Aktug – “Small place. Love Portofino” Bao Tuan – Paisagens magníficas num local muito aprazível!” Guida Brss – Прекрасное местечко!Очень понравилось здесь прогуливаться.От Санта Маргариты лучше идти пешком-слишком хороша дорога!” Ольга Полухина – “Luogo d’incanto come sempre.” Andrea Barendson.

Where in Portofino

Aperitivo: Winterose at the end of Calata Marconi (left dock). Around 10 euro.
Art Gallery: Lorenzo Cascio on the right of the Piazzetta. Really amazing!
Eating Out: Da U Batti, behind the Piazzetta. Around 100 euro. Secret Scampi Recipe.
Beach: Cannone Bay, just a couple of minutes before Portofino.
Inspirations: Lighthouse of Portofino and the little wall above the yacht club in the walk to St. George.
Best Moment: From 8 pm during the season. Soo romantic!
Love Declaration: Terrace on the right of the St. George Church, Castello Brown and little pier on Molo Umberto I.
Magic: If you have time, walk to Portofino during Christmas, it’s really magical. Embrace each other and let go!
Dolphins: 150 meters from the coast between Lighthouse and San Fruttuoso and in front of the Cervara Abbey. Best moment from October to March.
Whales: 500 meters from the coast between our lighthouse and Nervi (GE). Best moment from November to March.
Ducks: In the season you can find them inside the little bay of the «Piazzetta».
Barracuda: Between the little bay of Cala dell’Oro and San Fruttuoso.
Wedding: Possible with a little patience to the Church of San Giorgio. Access needs to be discussed in Townhall.
Best picture: Go to Castle Brown. There is a deck with stunning views. Even San Giorgio Church deserves.
Mothers and children: The access to the village and its surroundings is easy with prams. No problem. There isn’t a nursery in the city.
Keeping fit: Jogging along with the state Portofino to Santa Margherita Ligure (about 3.3 kilometers).
Dine in the Evening: In season, Ladies are dressed in an elegant evening gown.
Parking: Required for cars inside the silos. Cost during the season € 7,50 / h.
Underwater: Christ of the Abysses at a depth of 17 meters in the San Fruttuoso bay. Amazing!
With your dog: Required dogs on a leash. They are very welcome.
Disability: There is a lift in the parking measuring 82 cm. Arrive in Piazzetta is possible without too many issues. Floor sandstone.
Good to know: We have Newsstand, Pharmacy, Police, Post Office, Yacht Club, a Park, ATM, and Captaincy.
Toilets: They are in the square of parking on arrival. There are also at the end of Molo Umberto I. Pier at the right.
Emotional Thing: Arrive in Portofino by boat at the sunset. Absolutely!
St. George’s Bonfire: April 23rd. Emotional moment.
Parish: +39.0185.269337 – Mobile +39.333.217.9407 –
When: From April to October each day. In winter only at the weekend. At Christmas – most of the shops are closed – but emotions are amazing!

Portofino Italy Hotel the Splendido Pool with seawater

The Belmond Hotel Splendido is certainly a unique hotel to visit Portofino and always has much to offer. Perched on the hillside above Portofino, its carpeted rooms, furnished with antique furniture and sea views overlook the bay. Surrounded by a garden of rare plants, it has a fairytale quality. Very enchanting and exclusive location. It offers a swimming pool with seawater and a secluded Spa. It is without any doubt the best hotel in Portofino Italy.

Luxury Hotel Retreat with SPA

Room from € 499
Salita Baratta 16, Portofino

Check Prices
Splendido Mare⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑L

Suite Splendido Mare one of the best Hotels in Portofino

It is the second of Belmond Splendido’s properties located on the world’s most beautiful Piazzetta. It has a terrace overlooking the bay and its suites are all individually furnished with hand made decorations and finished in pastel colors. It’s the ideal hotel to declare one’s love. It’s very romantic with a restaurant and a piano bar in the evenings. If you decide to stay in this property, you have access to the Spa of the main one. 

Very romantic overlooking the Piazzetta

Room from € 499
Via Roma 2, Portofino

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The beach of the Piccolo Hotel Portofino

The Piccolo Hotel is really cute and romantic, you will like it. Few steps before Portofino. You can see the “Baia Cannone” Gulf in front of you. A private beach is available. It was originally an ancient and luxurious villa, evidence of the Italian hospitality traditions. You can reach the village with a nice walking of about 5 minutes and you can reach the emerald Paraggi bay where you can have a sunbath in a little more time.

Just 5 minutes from the village. Very quiet.

Room from € 257
Via Duca degli Abruzzi 31, Portofino

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What to See


Portofino Italy Lighthouse

The lighthouse is placed at the base of Mount Portofino and it is at the start of the bay. It may be reached by ground from a nice walk around the green which starts from the right side of the Piazzetta, until St. George’s Church and from then onto the lighthouse. We advise wearing comfortable shoes. You have to include this hike in your Portofino Holidays!

Castle Brown

Castle Brown view

The Castle Brown is surrounded by a Mediterranean garden rich in flowers, rose gardens and arbors. The landscape is consistently enchanting facing the gulf until the Baffe tip. The room on the first floor is covered by domes of Lombard type on the center of which there is a big triptych and, on the right side, a Majolica stove. It’s without any doubt the best place to take a picture of Portofino. Really amazing. Follow the way to the Lighthouse. Entrance Fee is 5 euro.

San Fruttuoso

The magical San Fruttuoso

San Fruttuoso is a very romantic bay who hosts an XIII Century Monastery which is very nice and it’s possible to visit. You can reach it starting from Portofino by ferry. The little bay, a paradise where you can spend some time with yourself, host the Christ of the Abyss, a statue, which is about 2,50 meters tall and was built by sculptor Guido Galletti. Was placed with the help of the Italian Navy at about 17 meters below the water surface.

Where to Eat

Da U Batti

It is a peculiar Osteria in the narrow street of Portofino behind the Piazzetta, just before the Teatrino. The location lies between the typical, colorful houses and is romantic and charming. Specialty is fish (scampi) of course!

Vico Nuovo 17, Portofino


It is a small tavern you can find on the right of the Piazzetta, looking towards the sea, right at the beginning of the pedestrian street that leads to San Giorgio, just on the corner with a nice view on the square. Very characteristic with its tables on the open patio. Ligurian cuisine.

Piazzetta di Portofino

O Magazine

You’re overseeing the sea in Calata Marconi, staring at the sea on your left; about halfway you see this restaurant with several tables outside and a small, intimate room inside. We suggest eating outside if the weather is nice. Ligurian cuisine, mostly fish dishes

Calata Marconi 34, Portofino

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