Portofino, a World apart
May 2016

Osteria Francescana

Where’s the Best

massimo-bottura-8Reflection on the Mixed Saladmassimo-bottura-22Pancake with foie gras apple onion and ice cream

massimo-bottura-21Pigeon breast with Beet sauce and pickled vegetables.

massimo-bottura-20Frogs in the Pond – Crispy frog legs with herb sauce

massimo-bottura-18Livorno Style Mulletmassimo-bottura-17East meets West: dumplings with shrimp and crispy lentilsmassimo-bottura-11WARM AND COLD ZUPPA INGLESE

massimo-bottura-7Bollito Misto – Head, tongue, cheek, belly, tail, cotechinomassimo-bottura-6AN EEL SWIMMING UP THE PO RIVERmassimo-bottura-4Vignola Cherries with Chocolatemassimo-bottura-3“Oops! I dropped the lemon tart”portofino-massimo-bottura-tortelliniRaviolimassimo-bottura-13


Osteria Francescana | Massimo Bottura Via Stella 22 • Modena • +39.059.223912 • Tasting Menu from €170 per person • ITALIAN MODERN CUISINE Call Website DRIVE ME TO
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